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Grant Policy

Statement of Grant making Policy and Procedures


Grant making refers to the use of a portion of the investment earnings of permanent endowment funds, as dictated by the spending policy, to provide financial support to qualified community groups whose activities advance the objectives of the Winkler Community Foundation (WCF). These objectives are:

Granting Guidelines

In order to accomplish these objectives effectively and efficiently, WCF has developed a thorough review process for grant applications.

  1. Project must primarily benefit the people of Winkler and District.
  2. Grants are made only to non-profit organizations with CRA Registration Numbers and other qualified recipients under the Income Tax Act.
  3. Organizations seeking funds must demonstrate a strong and committed board, fiscal responsibility, and management qualifications.
  4. Grants are made annually. Annual grant deadline for applications is June 15.
  5. An appointed grants committee makes a recommendation of grant recipients to the board of directors.  The recommendation requires a majority vote of approval by the board.
  6. Grants are awarded for definite purposes and for projects covering a specific period of time.
  7. Pilot or demonstration projects must include provision for an evaluation and a realistic plan for financial viability beyond the pilot stage.
  8. The Foundation encourages the participation of others in funding projects and, on occasion, provides matching funds or challenge grants to stimulate increased response from other sources.
  9. Preference is given to projects which:
    • support capital projects / bursaries & scholarships
    • encourage more efficient use of community resources;
    • address the underlining causes of problems in our society rather than dealing only with symptoms;
    • are developed in consultation with other agencies and planning groups and those which promote coordination, cooperation and sharing among organizations and the elimination of duplicate services;
    • promote volunteer participation
    • demonstrate evidence of community support and organization initiative
  1. Grants are not made to, or for:
    • projects or programs that will be completed before the grant decision takes place
    • operating expenses/ capital deficits/ mortgages
    • annual fund drives
    • establish or add to endowment funds;
    • specific medical research projects or scientific research projects;
    • direct religious activities;
    • political activities
    • individuals
  1. Grant recipients will be required to complete a grant report showing accountability for the use of funds within one year. Failure to complete this report may result in denial of future fund applications.

Application Process

  1. All applicants are required to complete in full a grant application form, include required documents as listed on the application and send in 1 digital copy and 1 print copy of the application.
  2. An email acknowledging the receipt of the application will be sent.
  3. A meeting with the WCF directors or staff may be required.
  4. Contact regarding the status of the application will be made following the WCF Board’s approval of grant recipients.  This can be up to 5 months following the closing date for applications.

Submitting Final Grant Report:

All grant recipients are required to provide a final report at the conclusion of their project. This report should contain:

  1. A financial summary of all grant expenses or receipt of purchases.
  2. A narrative, no longer than two pages in length; that describes the following:

Objectives of the project

Activities carried out to meet the objectives.

Grant recipients are encouraged to publicize their grant as to increase public awareness of the charitable work in our community.  For more information on obtaining and the use of the logo please contact the Winkler Community Foundation.