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Youth In Philanthropy

2017 GVC YiP grants presented to Big Brothers Big Sisters and Central Station.

2017 NPC YiP grants presented to Katie Cares & Pembina Valley Pregnancy Care Centre

Youth in Philanthropy is a valuable way for young people to learn about their community and how they can have an impact as philanthropists.

What is Youth in Philanthropy (YiP)?

YiP is a program designed to introduce local High School and Junior High students to philanthropy and community development. The program provides hands-on experience that benefits both participating students and local charities.

How does YiP work?

Youth Advisory Committees at each participating school discuss their values and goals for the year, research potential charities and decide how to allocate their grant funds to charities of their choice. They present written recommendations to the Board of The Winkler Community Foundation for final approval.

Winkler Elementary School YiP donate to Imagination Library

Winkler Elementary School YiP donate to Imagination Library

How do they grow their funds?

Youth in Philanthropy committees have contributed to their endowment funds by holding fundraisers. Some examples are:

How does YiP benefit the community?

“We hope that your experience with Youth in Philanthropy will inspire you throughout your life.”

“YiP gives you the chance to make a real difference in the world around you.”