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Community Endowment Fund

The most common fund, the community endowment fund is where all general donations are collected. The money is invested, and each year the interest earned from this investment is granted within the community. Following the annual grant application process, grants are allocated by the WCF Board of Directors to organizations and individuals who meet the criteria and goals set by WCF.

Through the generous donations, the Community Endowment fund has been able to financially assist Winkler Food Cupboard, Winkler Festival of the Arts, Bethel Heritage park, various sporting organizations through the City of Winkler, programs through the Garden Valley School Division including the Hard of Hearing program.

Donating is as simple as using this online form, mailing a cheque to the Winkler Community Foundation office, or calling or emailing the office to talk to Myra. If you would like to donate to WCF on a regular basis, automatic bank withdrawals can be set up.


Family Resource Centre 001

Community Fund Grant Recipients: Imagination Library and Winkler Family Resource Centre