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Pay it Forward May

April 22, 2016

How are YOU going to join the many others already participating in Pay it Forward this May?

Let’s make a difference in our businesses and thereby in our community.

It takes businesses, organizations, charities, school groups and individuals to step out and do something nice for someone else. It’s amazing how a kind gesture can impact someone; ultimately impacting our community.

People often don’t remember what you said, but they always remember how you made them feel. By encouraging staff to Pay it Forward, you create a positive energy in your business that creates a wonderful ripple effect out into the community. Imagine if every business did some form of Pay it Forward activity each year. The difference it would make in the community would be priceless

Morden Area Foundation and the Winkler Community Foundation invites your organization to plan a PAY IT FORWARD initiative during the month of May and help make our community a better place to live, work and play in. Check out our website for how businesses can get involved at

We are working with the local media to highlight and promote the many great initiatives being planned. Let us know what you are doing or what you have seen happen. Share on facebook, #Payitforwardmay2016 or contact us here or email  to share Pay it Forward events and stories. Sharing Pay it forward stories helps inspire others to keep the initiative going. It’s a great opportunity to have a positive impact in our community.

Of course Pay it Forward is something we can and should be doing all year round. The Winkler Community Foundation and Morden Area Foundation has chosen one month to be more active in our efforts – not because we have to, but because we want to. Not because we’ve experienced kindness from others, but because we want to work together to make our community strong and vibrant.

Pay it Forward. Inspire others. Impact our Community.


Stories coming soon!


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