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Pay it Forward May

April 28, 2014


City of Winkler Mayor Martin declares the month of May as Pay it Forward May, a month long initiative by the Winkler Community Foundation encouraging good deeds in the community. Pay-it-forward May encourages citizens to take the initiative and get involved for the betterment of the community, by encouraging stepping out of ones way, and lending a helping hand to others.

Some examples include:

1. Encourage someone who needs it with words, a smile, or maybe a hug.

2. Let someone go in front of you at the supermarket.

3. Buy the next person in line a coffee.

4. Write a letter or an email to someone who made a difference in your life, telling them why.

5. Donate something anonymously to a person in need.

A list of 101 ways to Pay it Forward are listed on Winkler Community Foundation’s website under What we do – Pay It Forward.

Pay it Forward May cards that can be shared when a good deed is done, are available at the Winkler Community Foundation Office and City Hall.


Chance to Win

Like us on the Winkler Community Foundation Pay It Forward May Facebook page where we invite individuals to share their Pay It Forward stories for a chance to win a Broil King Crown 20 barbeque. Or send your stories here to enter.

Last day to enter May 30. Draw date: June 2, 2014.


Stories coming soon!


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