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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply for an award?

You are eligible to apply for an award if you answer “yes” to each of the following criteria:

Can I apply for more than one award?

Yes, you may apply to all awards for which you meet the stated criteria. However, we will only grant one award from the Gordon Wiebe Education Fund to an individual within the same granting cycle. This means that you cannot hold more than one award from us at the same time.

What kind of volunteering counts as “commitment to community”?

Where can I find opportunities for volunteering in the community?

What if I experience barriers to volunteering?  

What are barriers to education?  

Who should I ask to provide a reference for me?

How are award recipients selected?

When can I expect to find out if I have been selected as a recipient?  

What are my next steps if I am selected as a recipient?

If you are selected as a recipient, we will require that you provide:

Awards are disbursed to the Institution at the end of August.

Updated December 2022