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Middle Years Schools

Students at work in our community!

Parkland YiP contribute the Boundary Trails Foundation towards purchase of a rehabilitation bike and other rehabilitation resources.

WES YiP contribution to Salem Home’s dining room project.












The Elementary School yip program runs similar to the High School program. The main difference is that they do not accept grant applications but rather, with input from each committee member, the YiP group decides which charities will receive grants based on what is relevant to their students. The YiP group decides how much money each will receive, and what type of project or how that money will be spent.

Elementary YiP programs also have chosen not to put their fundraised money into the endowment fund but rather grant out all the raised money as well as the matching amount provided by the Winkler Community Foundation each year.

By the end of June, any funds raised money are sent to the Winkler Community Foundation. The fundraised money is distributed as grants together with the matching Foundation’s funds.


Resources for Junior High School YiP Advisors and Students

2019 YiP Advisors Handbook: Click on the link for Information about the Youth in Philanthropy program, it’s history, the commitment of the Winkler Community Foundation and other resources.

YiP timeline 2019-2020: Time line for planning the year.

3 important deadlines:

Income/Expense Claim Form (PDF Fill-able): Please complete this when submitting fundraising dollars or requesting administration refunds. By submitting an expense form your school is committing to raising funds to be granted back to the community during that school year.