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We take a broad view of what makes a community and what it takes for a community to succeed.

Our community grants support for projects under that broad canopy including shelter, sustenance and care for those most in need, to recreation, the arts, and community activities for the benefit of all. 


2023 grant cheque group photo

Community Fund

Our community fund supports:

  • Arts, Culture & Recreation
  • Family & Community Services
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Education
  • Heritage
  • Leadership

Darlene Gale Peters Endowment Fund

The Darlene Gale Peters Fund supports:

  • Health-related education
  • Health-related programs 

2014 Power Smart Manitoba Winter Games Sport Legacy Fund

Our sports legacy fund supports:

  • Opportunities for promotion and enhancement of sport leadership and/or sport development
  • Organizations for the benefit of sport
  • Projects aligned with True Sport principles

Grant Applications are Closed for 2024

There is one grant application for all grant programs. Please see below for how to apply. 

Central Station, Community Service Recovery Grant Recipient


There is one application process for all of our competitive grants.

Application deadline: April 15 annually 

An acknowledgement will be sent via email upon receipt of both the application and supporting documents. Please note: you must submit a final report from your previous grant before submitting a new application. 

1. Terms of Grant
2. Preparing to Apply
3. Application Form
4. Required Documents

 The Winkler Community Foundation grant-making provides financial support to qualified community groups whose activities advance the foundation’s objectives. These objectives are:

  • To support social services to advance the welfare of the needy and the alleviation of human suffering and poverty.
  • To assist and promote the arts and cultural activities without limitations.
  • To advance education through the establishment of scholarship funds and the funding of specific educational endeavours.
  • To support and advance the provisions of medical services through medical facilities and medical research.
  • To support and advance other community activities or facilities of a charitable nature.
  • To support and develop recreation and physical fitness activities.

Grant Guidelines

  1. Project must primarily benefit the people of Winkler and District.
  2. Grants are made only to non-profit organizations with CRA Registration Numbers and other qualified recipients under the Income Tax Act.
  3. The Winkler Community Foundation is a project funder and does not provide on-going operating support. Grants are awarded for specific purposes and for projects covering a definite period of time. The Foundation does not guarantee annual support for any organization.
  4. Pilot or demonstration projects must include provision for an evaluation and a realistic plan for financial viability beyond the pilot stage.
  5. Organizations must submit a satisfactory report on their previous Community Grant before submitting a new Community Grant application.

Grants are not made to or for:

  • individuals
  • annual fund drives
  • pay down mortgages or reduce deficits
  • support operating expenses
  • projects already completed
  • political activities
  • direct religious activities of religious groups or organization
     – except when community access is available
     – unless the community-at-large will benefit significantly

The following information is needed for completing the online application:


This section requests basic information about your organization, including:

  • Registered Charity Number
  • Organization’s Mission statement
  • Organization’s Mailing address
  • Project Contact Information


  • Amount requesting
  • Project name
  • Approximate start date/ completion date


  • Project summary
  • Cite evidence of the need for a project/program in our
  • Describe how the project/program will be implemented.
  • Identify other sources of funding applied for or already received.
  • Identify how the project/program will be evaluated.

If you have any questions at any point during the application process, our staff is available to answer your questions.

Please complete the Grants Application Form

The deadline to apply is April 15, 2024. 


Submit required attachments by email to:
(all documents must be submitted for the application to be considered)

  • copy of most current audited or reviewed financial statements
  • detailed project budget- including quotations for capital purchases
  • list of Officers of the Governing Board and all Directors
  • list of other sources of support for this project (organizations, amount, confirmed/unconfirmed).

The deadline for grant applications is April 15, 2024. 


Winkler Library, Community Grant recipient

Is my project eligible for a grant?

To be eligible for a grant from the Winkler Community Foundation, your organization must have a registered charity number and your project must primarily serve the citizens of Winkler and surrounding community. Please review the Terms of Grants. If you still have questions, contact our Executive Director.

How much should our organization apply for?

Some of the lowest grants we’ve ever provided have been a few hundred dollars and the highest grant was $50,000 over a 5-year commitment. On average, our grants range from $1,000 to $10,000 per grant.

What kind of things have you funded?

We support projects and programs where a moderate grant will have a significant impact. We typically do not fund 100% percent of a project. Consider reviewing the list of Grant Recipients on this website in advance, to get a better understanding of what has typically been funded in the past.

Is there something you don’t fund?

Grants are not made to: 

• support operating expenses of established agencies; 

• individuals; 

• project costs related to activities undertaken before the date of the Grants Committee or Board decision; 

• annual fundraising campaigns or annual fundraising events; 

• pay down mortgages or reduce deficits; 

• political activities; 

• exclusively religious activities, defined as proselytizing related to a specific set of organized beliefs and practices; 

• establish or add to endowment funds

My project has already started/ended. Can I still apply funding?

Please contact the Executive Director to determine whether a part of your project is still eligible.

My previous project is not yet complete. May I apply for a new grant?

We will accept a new grant application only after your previous project is complete and a final report has been submitted. 

What do you look for in a grant application?

Preference is given to projects which: 

• Align with The Winkler Community Foundation’s strategic granting priorities; 

• Demonstrate innovative approaches and techniques to solve community issues, and build individual, neighbourhood and/or community capacity; 

• Encourage more efficient use of community resources; 

• Promote cooperation and sharing among organizations to minimize the potential for duplication of services;

• Promote volunteer participation; 

• Strengthen an organization’s capacity to be sustainable. 

• Demonstrate accessibility and inclusiveness; 

• Demonstrate sensitivity to diversity; 

• Address the root causes of issues in our society; 

• Demonstrate that consideration has been given to the project’s effect on the environment


In 2023, we supported local people, projects and places with over $140,000

Agency Fund Grants
Fire Rescue Fund
Winkler Emergency Services Fire Training/Education $964
Heritage Museum Fund
Heritage Museum Operating $1,412
Gateway Resources Fund
Gateway Resources Used truck for recycling program and cooling unit for wood room $55,272
Community Fund Grants
Organization Description Amount
Reinfeld Park Outdoor Rink Project $5,000
Central Station Acoustic Panels in the Dining/Class area $5,000
GVC Community Greenspace Project $5,000
Segue Career Options Professional Counselling for Clients $2,000
Child & Family Services For children to attend Camps & Programs $3,000
Winkler Day Care Outdoor Equipment $1,000
The Bunker Industrial Eats Project $5,000
Big Brothers Big Sisters Pembina Valley Signage & Office Furniture $3,000
Pembina Valley Humane Society IT Hardware & Volunteer Management Software $1,000
Winkler Arts & Culture Program Supplies $1,000
Winkler Festival of the Arts Annual Festival $500
Designated Fund Grants
Katie Cares Fund
Katie Cares Operating $5,124
Winkler Cheerboard Fund
Winkler & District Cheerboard Christmas Drive $2,088
Winkler Minor Ball Fund
Winkler Minor Ball Assoc. Supporting Teams going to Provincial and/or Western $423


Donor Advised Fund Grants
Kalansky Family Fund
Boundary Trails Health Centre Foundation Hospital expansion project $1,000
MAP Family Fund
Southern Central Cancer Care Transportation Program $1,882
Mend the Gap Fund
Central Station Play structure project near the newly renovated housing complex $1,747
Falk Fehr Foundation Fund (* combined flow through & annual Fund grant)
The Bunker Ministry Inc. Industrial Eats Project $22,000
Field of Interest Fund Grants
Darlene Peters Health Fund
Eden Residential Care Services 2 AED units $4,000
Eden Mental Health Centre Water Dispenser $1,455
2014 MB Winter Games Sports Legacy Fund
Winkler Minor Ball Assoc. Indoor Batting Cages $4,200
Dr CW Wiebe Medical Fund 
DR CW Wiebe Medical Centre Barrier-free exam chairs/beds $9,525


Mend The Gap Fund, Central Station Play Structure Project

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill

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