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* NEW* Grant Deadline – August 30

In effort to support our community during COVID-19, the Winkler Community Foundation has decided to adjust our Grant Deadline for 2020 to August 30th. We understand during this time of uncertainty many of our local charities are in survival mode. Planning for the unknown is challenging to say the least. We also know, as bad as this is, IT WILL END AT SOME POINT and we want to continue to support the community so everyone has something to come back to after this pandemic is over. If you have any questions about our grant program or you have a project that your organization was hoping to have done over the summer months please contact Myra Peters, Executive Director at the Winkler Community Foundation.

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Manitoba BUILD 150

Through Build 150, Manitoba’s community foundations are celebrating our province’s 150th anniversary by leaving a legacy with brick and mortar projects! Manitoba 150, with support from James Richardson & Sons, Limited and Affiliated Companies has made up to $1.22 million available in grant matching funds to Manitoba’s 55 community foundations. This grant matching program is being coordinated by Endow Manitoba. Winkler Community Foundation will be granting up to $40,000.  For more information, contact the Winkler Community Foundation. Application Deadline: April 15, 2020.


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