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Grant Deadline – April 15

The Winkler Community Foundation is now accepting 2020 GRANT APPLICATIONS. Applications for grants promoting and supporting community initiatives in and around Winkler is April 15, 2021. Grants will be announced and funds disbursed in June. Community Grants This grant program supports: Arts, Culture & Recreation, Family & Community Services, Health, Environment, Education, Heritage, and Leadership. 2014 Power Smart Manitoba Winter Games Sport Legacy Grants This grant program provides opportunities for promotion and enhancement of sport leadership and/or sport development within the City of Winkler and RM of Stanley. Full details of the purpose of the fund is available at  Grants : Winkler Community Foundation Darlene Gale Peters – Health related Grants This grant program supports health education programs and health related projects/programs/initiatives in our community and surrounding area.   GRANT APPLICATION The grant application is available on the Winkler Community Foundation website. There is one application form for all grant programs. Follow the link to learn more about our grant programs and to access the online grant application. Apply for a Grant : Winkler Community Foundation * Please note * Grant reports need to be submitted from previous grants prior to applying for another grant. Feel free to contact the Winkler Community […]

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Share Kindness. Encourage others. Do something for someone without expecting anything in return. That’s what PAY IT FORWARD MAY is all about. Be intentional this May and share random acts of kindness throughout our community leaving a positive impact. Let’s be apart of the change and brighten someone’s day! Share the stories, spread the joy by emailing the Winkler Community Foundation @ or Morden Area Foundation @ . Follow us on Facebook or Instagram. Post the story and tag us. #pifmay   Let’s make our community better by Paying it forward this May!   Click here for more information: PIFMAY LETTER


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