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Building Community

The Winkler Community Foundation is invested in the community. We build endowment funds, provide ongoing funding to local non-profit and charitable organizations through grants, support young people pursuing post-secondary education through education awards, and invest in leadership initiatives. We believe our community is stronger together.

2023 Winkler Community Foundation Board of Directors

Our Board

The Winkler Community Foundation continues to flourish thanks to the Board of Directors proactive approach with investments, charity relationships, and a passion for growing partnerships in our community.

Our board consists of 10 members who have the best intentions for the community. The board consists of business owners, professionals, active retirees, and passionate individuals that care about our community. We are all invested in the betterment of our community and the services that we provide.

2023 Board Members:

Corey Hildebrand – Chair, Scott Doell, Andy Schmidt, Barb Neufeld, Viola
Enns – Woelk, Stacy Wiebe, Nina Pinlac-Manugid, Chad Harder, Tena Lane and Mayor Henry Siemens

Our Staff

Our staff are invested in making our community thrive. Through growing our community of givers and working with charities, understanding their needs, and connecting donors with projects, our staff go above and beyond to keep the Winkler Community Foundation successful and strong in our community.

Executive Director: Myra Peters

Scholarship Coordinator: Natalie Neudorf

Executive Director Myra Peters at the New Office Entrance

Where We Started

Max Gladstone, a local businessman and philanthropist, made a $10,000 donation to start a community foundation. The Winkler Community Foundation was incorporated in 1988.

The Foundation became active in 1994 when the Thomas Sill Foundation challenged local business people with a matching grant proposal whereby the foundation would raise $100,000 over four years and the Thomas Sill Foundation would match it. This goal was achieved. The first grants were released in 1996 and totalled $8,500, impacting eight charitable organizations. Since then, over $2.5 million has been disbursed back into the community.

Over the years, different funds have been created, including The Dr. CW Wiebe Medical Fund, The Gateway Resources Fund, the Katie Cares Fund, and the Mend the Gap. Gordon Wiebe Education Fund was launched in the fall of 2016 with a $2.2 million bequest. This fund supports young people in their pursuit of higher education through financial awards.

Most recently, the board of directors set a 5 year goal to grow the community fund, our general community granting fund for local charities to apply for funding. The goal was to reach one million dollars, enabling more grant dollars to be invested in our community. Remarkably, this goal was achieved in 2022, two years earlier than anticipated. While it is exciting to have reached this milestone, it is evident that we need to continue growing this fund as the number of grant requests continues to exceed available funding.

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Foundation FAQs

Where does my donation go?

You decide where it goes! Support the cause that is dear to you – Choose from one of our existing Endowment funds. undesignated donations go into the COMMUNITY FUND to support general community grant requests. For specific support, a fund can be created (minimum donation required).

What is an endowment fund?

An endowment fund is where money is invested, and only the interest generated is disbursed. These funds are never spent. Each year your gift earns interest which provides annual grant dollars. This fund will give back to the community year after year; FOREVER.

How can I leave my legacy or create a family legacy?

We work with donors to create endowment funds that will leave a lasting legacy. Contact us, and we will assist in creating a legacy that is meaningful to you.

Can I be involved in where my grant dollars go?

You can be as involved as you would like to be. We offer different types of endowment funds to engage donors where they are. We desire to meet donors’ philanthropic goals as they choose to support the community.

I would like to start a new fund with a charity of my choice. What is the first step?

Do you have an idea of what you would like to start? Contact us, and we will assist you in starting a new fund.

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