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Pay It Forward May

Our purpose is simple! One act of kindness has the strength and power to create a long-lasting effect in our community. Kindness is a positive action that leaves someone in a better situation. It takes away the focus from ourselves and sparks generosity and gratitude in others. When we look beyond our own needs and help someone else, we better our community in more ways than one.

Pay It Forward May is important to the health and well-being of our community. It creates a better place to live, work and play. So, help us work together to inspire others and create a long-lasting impact with kindness.


Each MAY, the Winkler Community Foundation encourages their community—businesses, charities, youth groups, church groups, friend groups, and individuals—to look for a way to show kindness to someone without expecting anything in return.

Youth In Philanthropy

What is Youth in Philanthropy (YiP)?

YiP program introduces local high school and junior high students to philanthropy and community development. The program provides hands-on experience that benefits both participating students and local charities.

How does YiP work?

Youth Advisory Committees at each participating school discuss their values and goals for the year, look for ways to fundraise & volunteer in the community, and research potential charities and decide how to allocate their grant funds to charities of their choice. They present written recommendations to the Board of The Winkler Community Foundation for final approval.

How does YiP benefit the community?

  • Young people learn about philanthropy and giving back to the community, which will continue.
  • Youth learn about charities in our community and what they do.
  • Youth volunteer in the community in various ways.
  • Charitable organizations receive small grants for important projects for students

YiP Handbook

GVC-2023- YIP grant recipients

GVC Youth in Philanthropy Annual Grants


YiP gives you the chance to make a real difference in the world around you.


We hope that your experience with Youth in Philanthropy will inspire you throughout your life.

Ruth Reimer, 2019 Recipient

Citizen Of The Year

We know people who are deeply passionate about a particular cause, driven by a desire to bring about change and make a positive impact. These remarkable individuals have already significantly influenced our lives and the community we live in. We are seeking your assistance in acknowledging and appreciating their outstanding contributions toward making Winkler an even better place.

The Winkler Community Foundation proudly sponsors the Winkler Citizen of the Year Award. We recognize the efforts of an individual who contributes to making the City of Winkler a great place to live, work, play, and learn. This award continues to recognize volunteerism and good citizenship in our community.

The Winkler Community Foundation is currently reviewing the Citizen of the Year program. If you have someone in mind deserving of this honour, please contact us.

Citizen of the Year Past Recipients

“Shining the Light on People who Make a Difference!”

1977 – G.W. Neufeld 2001 – Henry H. Kuhl
1978 – Margaret Penner 2002 – Henry Neufeld
1979 – Henry W. Bergen 2003 – Peter W. Enns
1980 – Fred Rietze 2004 – No Award
1981 – Dr. C.W. Wiebe 2005 – No Award
1982 – Abe H. Suderman 2006 – George W. Klassen
1983 – Alex Epp 2007 – Sharon Dueck
1984 – Henry F. Wiebe 2008 – Curt Reimer
1985 – Henry H. Janzen 2009 – Cherrie Goertzen
1986 – Linda Penner 2010 – Dan Giesbrecht
1987 – Grace Schellenberg 2011 – W.J. Siemens
1988 – John W. Kuhl 2012 – Meg Suderman
1989 – Eileen Kroeker 2013 – Gary Gilmour
1990 – Percy E. Enns 2014 – Dr. Don Klassen
1991 – Margaret Sawatzky 2015 – Louis Tanguay
1992 – Annie Reimer 2016 – Terry Elias
1993 – Philipp Ens 2017 – George H. Klassen
1994 – Harvey P. Friesen 2018 – Frank A. Wiebe
1995 – John Zacharias 2019 – Ruth Reimer
1996 – Ella Neufeld 2020 – No recipients due to COVID-19
1997 – No Award 2021 – No recipients due to COVID-19
1998 – Robert Day 2022 – No recipients due to COVID-19
1999 – John Krahn 2023 – No Award
2000 – Bernie Loeppky


Vital Signs

Winkler’s Vital Signs is a community check-up that measures the vitality of our community and identifies significant trends in a range of areas critical to the quality of life. Winkler’s Vital Signs grows our understanding of resident priorities and identifies areas of need within the community. We work with an advisory committee to build community input on our reporting, guide our work with local stakeholders, and mobilize action on the findings. 

Translations NOW Available! 
Thanks to the generous support of Regional Connections in Winkler, the Vital Signs 2024 survey is now available in German, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. To access these survey options please contact Regional Connections at 204-325-4059.

Culture Fest in Winkler

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