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WCF presents cheque to WA&C

December 17, 2015

Winkler Community Foundation Promotes and Develops Community through Winkler Arts & Culture Partnership

“It’s been an incredible privilege for the Winkler Community Foundation to have partnered with the Winkler Arts & Culture over the past year accepting donations for the Winkler Arts & Culture Centre building project. It’s been encouraging to see the support from the community and surrounding area for this project.” – Phillip Vallelly, President of the WCF.

The Winkler Community Foundation is here to make a difference as they promote and develop community. The Foundation looks for opportunities to positively impact our community through granting, establishment of endowment funds, facilitation of community leadership and developing partnerships. The Winkler Community Foundation created a temporary Flow through fund with the Winkler Arts Council last November. The purpose of this fund was to accept donations in connection with the creation, construction and maintenance of the Winkler Arts & Culture Centre. This was one way the Foundation felt they could help WA&C build momentum for this project.

The WCF would like to celebrate with the Winkler Arts Council as they move forward with building the WA&C centre which will provide opportunity to celebrate artistic and cultural expression in the community of Winkler. This will be a huge asset to our Community.

The flow through funds received over the past year will be officially presented to the Winkler Arts Council and the City of Winkler who will be taking on the project on Thursday, December 17. It was a pleasure to work with the Winkler Arts & Culture to accept donations designated for this project. From here forward, all donations can be directed to the City of Winkler.

The Winkler Community Foundation is here for the community, to build the community, and support projects that are important to the community. The Winkler Community Foundation has been active in the community of Winkler since 1994. Since then, the Winkler Community Foundation has granted over $490,349 back into the community through annual grants and over $477,200 in flow through grants.


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