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$2.2 Million Scholarship Bequest

January 25, 2016

Students from Winkler and surrounding community will benefit from a $2.2 million estate bequest of Mr. Gordon Wiebe, a well-known pharmacist from Winkler. The donation will be celebrated at an event later this spring.

At an early age, Gordon identifies his ambition to pursue a career as a pharmacist and his goal was realized when he graduated from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Pharmacy in 1954. A few years later, he opened Wiebe’s Drug Store in Winkler where he maintained his business for approximately 35 years.

Gordon felt the support for his business in Winkler. He always talked about his time as a business man and that Winkler had been good to him. He wanted to give back to the community that gave him his start and supported him through the years.

The Winkler Community Foundation currently supports scholarships through its community granting program. The creation of the Gordon Wiebe Scholarship fund will provide an additional $77,000 in scholarships annually focused on ensuring that the community of Winkler continues to thrive. The Winkler Community Foundation has created a Scholarship committee who is currently working on how these scholarships will be disbursed. The first scholarships will be granted in 2017.

Other interested donors can also contribute to the Winkler Community Foundation’s Scholarship fund by contacting Myra Peters at the Winkler Community Foundation.

“We are more than delighted that Gordon chose the Winkler Community Foundation to leave a legacy with and we want to celebrate that with our community,” says the Winkler Community Foundation Director Gary Gilmour overseeing the Scholarship Fund. “Philanthropy comes in many shapes and forms. Some people give very kindly of their time, of their talents, of their skills. Others are in a position that they are able to leave a financial legacy. When someone does give monetarily, they usually do it to improve the quality of life for individuals and to enhance their communities. I think Gordon would be very pleased to know that the money he has left the for the Winkler Community Foundation will to do all of those things.”


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