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PiF 06

Pay it Forward May – WCF Board of Directors pay it forward by serving coffee break to participants and staff at Gateway Resources.

What is the Winkler Community Foundation?


What is the Winkler Community Foundation?

WCF builds and manages endowment funds to support local charitable activities and tax deductible receipts are issued for donations.

The Winkler Community Foundation is all about growing community. We provide financial support to qualified community groups whose activities advance the objectives of the Winkler Community Foundation (WCF). These objectives are:

What is an endowment fund?

It is a fund where money is invested and only the interest generated is dispersed. These funds are held in perpetuity meaning they are never spent, and each year it keeps on earning interest and each year giving back to the community.

Where does my donation go?

Unless designated otherwise, all donations go into the Community Fund to support general community granting requests. If you have specific interests that you would like to support a donor advised fund can be created (minimum donation required)

What is the return on our investments?

We are invested at the Winnipeg Foundation. The long term expected rate of return is 7.00%.

Why should I give?