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Business Pay It Forward Ideas

Here are many ways businesses can get involved.


So how does it work?

Do at least one good deed for someone without asking for anything in return. Instead the recipient should be encouraged to pay it forward to someone else. Together, the difference we can make is phenomenal.


Pay it Forward Business Challenge

There are numerous benefits attached to paying kindness forward and helping someone else. Specifically:


Spread the word. If the person thanks you and wants to “repay” you (that is, pay it “back”), let them know that what you’d really like is for them to pay it “forward”—you’d like them to do something nice for someone, and ask those people to do something nice for more people. The idea is to consciously increase the kindness in the community.

Even small acts, such as paying for the person coffee in the drive through in the car behind you when you pay for your own, counts. If it makes the world a friendlier place, you succeeded!