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Celebrating 5 years of Gordon Wiebe Scholarships

September 27, 2021

2021 marks 5 years of Gordon Wiebe Scholarships for the Winkler Community Foundation. Over the past 5 years, 170 scholarships totaling $380,000 have been awarded to young people from our community thanks to a generous gift left to the Winkler Community Foundation by late Gordon Wiebe. Through these scholarships, we have been able to support local young people in their pursuit to gain knowledge and follow their educational paths through post-secondary institutions across Canada. In addition to providing financial support, these awards have provided opportunities for some that otherwise may not have pursued post-secondary education, as well as, offered esteem support for others.  “The financial support from [the Winkler Community Foundation] has provided a supportive community that cares for individuals in order to succeed within postsecondary education.” – Leonore Schwarzkopf – OES 2018.

Although financial need is named as the greatest barrier towards pursuing post-secondary education, social support is also listed as a significant need.  “We, as a scholarship committee, realized that handing out the cheque was the easy part.  Support beyond the money was also key to success for our first-year students.” – Viola Enns Woelk, Scholarship committee chair. From this need, the Peer-to-Peer program was developed.  This is a peer-based program with the goal of providing first year university students with a supportive connection from a returning student.  Whether it is for the purposes of answering basic rural to urban transition questions, finding their way on campus, or sharing a coffee during the semester, Peer-to-Peer is an opportunity for students to have a connector from home in a time of change.

How does the Winkler Community Foundation measure success?  We measure it by observing recipients taking the courageous step in being the first of their family to pursue post-secondary education.  Success comes with the changing of career paths because financial assistance has afforded the opportunity to do so.  And most certainly, we celebrate success in the achievement of degree earned, often seeing the recipient return to Winkler to use their skills in our community.  And celebrating with those who choose to re-locate!

Another success is having one of our first Ongoing Education Support recipients join our Scholarship committee this year. Cameron Wiens graduated with his Business Administration degree at Brandon University in 2020. Cameron is working for BDO as he continues his studies to his CPA designation. He looks forward to giving back to the community and the scholarship program that supported his studies.


This year, we are excited to honour the accomplishments of 30 local students receiving $70,000 in Gordon Wiebe Scholarships from the Winkler Community Foundation. Recipients have served the local community as well as abroad. These students are studying a broad array of subjects that will impact the future of our community and beyond. We look forward to hearing their success stories in the years to come!


2021 Scholarship Recipients:

Mark Giesbrecht (Political Science), Caitlyn Haney (Kinesiology), Amy Peters (Integrated Education), Sherry Peters (Science/Psychology), Talia Peters (Kinesiology), Julia Tissen (Education), Aaron Doerksen (Biology), Lani Ens (Arts), Jacob Fehr (Nursing), Quinn Hamilton (Education), Allyson Klassen (Psychology), Kayla Penner (Nursing), Patricia Derksen (Biosystem Engineer), Tyrone Dyck (Theology), Peter Enns (agriculture) Madison Fehr (Music), Jessica Giesbrecht (Political Science), Amy Lloyd (Science), Yeketrina Kuryata (Sociology), Nettie Dyck (Psychology), Saad Nizamani (Physiology), Indigo Wiebe (Kinesiology), Katelyn Ens (Agriculture), and Ryan Rempel (Nursing).


Mikaela Warkentin (2020 – Environmental Design) and Victoria Maschkin (2021-University 1).


This year 8 students received this award:


Amber Reimer (GVC), Cassidy Penner (NPC), Cerlean Wolfe (NPC), Danae Wiebe (GVC), Emily Penner (NPC), Jakiya Friesen (GVC), Kate Heide (GVC), Laura Marx (GVC), Maksym Saltykov (NPC), Mia O’Neil (NPC), Rachel Klassen (GVC), and Ruben Martel (NPC).


Stories coming soon!


2023 Community Grant Applications

Deadline: April 15, 2023

2023 Gordon Wiebe Award Applications

Deadline: February 28, 2023