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COY – Terry Elias

October 6, 2016

Terry was selected for his community building. His vision to better develop the city through residential, commercial and industrial development is refreshing and appreciated.

Terry’s involvement and community building stems from the legacy of his grandfather Mr Peter Enns, founder of Triple E Canada and past Citizen of the Year. This legacy of innovative thinking, building businesses that help the community thrive, and developing our community for the future has been evident in Terry and his involvement in the community. Terry may be seen as a behind the scenes community builder. Terry has quietly supported many initiatives and organizations promoting the whole community.048

Terry’s vision and commitment to enriching our community go much further than his contributions to the city’s residential, commercial and industrial developments. Over the years Terry has been actively involved in many community and church projects, including numerous building projects at the Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church, the Cedar Estates senior housing project and the P.W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall, to name a few. Other boards Terry has greatly contributed to include the Garden Valley School Division, Winkler Golf Club and the local Business Improvement Area Committee.

With a belief that a community should not only provide employment for its citizens but also with recreational facilities, good health care and active organizations, Terry has been a generous supporter of many local organizations such as the Winkler Flyers, The Bunker Youth Centre and Salem Home.

Over the years, it is clear to see that Terry has worked hard to provide for his family, employees, and the community of Winkler. Thank-you Terry for giving back to our community; making it a better place to live, work and play in.


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