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Giving Challenge

October 27, 2020

Each $20 gift is worth $36 during the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge, Nov. 9 – 15

There’s never been a better time to help our community flourish forever! The Winkler Community Foundation encourages residents of Winkler and surrounding community to make a gift between Nov. 9 – 15 as part of the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge. For this week only, each $20 gift you make becomes $36!

The Winnipeg Foundation will stretch each $5 gift made to the Community Fund with $1. The Manitoba government continues their commitment to Manitoba community foundations with their support of the Endow Manitoba Giving Challenge 2020, along with City of Winkler, Triple E, Access Credit Union, Winkler Concrete, Southern Potato, Elias Woodwork, and Kroeker Farms.Online gifts can be made securely through

On Thursday, November 12 you can also find the “Giving Challenge Van” at the Winkler Co-op Grocery store northeast parking lot from 10am-2pm. We will be accepting donations and sharing about the work of the foundation. Contact the Winkler Community Foundation for more giving options. “This is a great opportunity to support the Winkler Community Foundation,” says Myra Peters, Executive Director at the Winkler Community Foundation. “Of course, we welcome gifts at any time, but giving between Nov. 9 – 15 means extra support. We’re so excited to see what our community can accomplish!”

Gifts made between Nov. 9 – 15 will help grow Winkler Community Foundation’s capacity to support a wide range of charitable projects in Winkler for generations to come. Donations to a community foundation are pooled and permanently invested. Gifts are never spent and the money will always stay in the community. Every year, these investments generate money that is distributed to support local charitable needs. Community foundations provide support that lasts forever. Manitoba is home to 56 community foundations – more than any other area of the country. Every year, these foundations invest millions of dollars into a wide range of local charitable projects. They help ensure our hometowns are vibrant and thriving. Click on the link to donate.

For more information contact Myra at the Winkler Community Foundation.


Scholarship Renewals

If you are a current Make It A Reality scholarship recipient or a Ongoing Education Support scholarship recipient, please complete the renewal form that was sent out to your email. In order for our scholarship recipients to receive their renewable scholarships for the upcoming Fall 2021 school year, we need the completed renewal forms to be submitted by January 31, 2021. If you have any questions or did not receive the renewal form, please emails us at

Pay It Forward May

  Pay it Forward is something we can and should be doing all year round. The Winkler Community Foundation and Morden Area Foundation has chosen one month to be more active in our efforts – not because we have to, but because we want to. Not because we’ve experienced kindness from others, but because we want to work together to make our community strong and vibrant. Pay it Forward. Inspire others. Impact our Community.