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Donor Advised Funds



WCF offers some great options if you are interested in creating a fund where you have a higher level of control over the granting. Do you want to give back to an area of the community that is close to your heart? Maybe you would like a scholarship in your family’s name? A minimum amount is required to set up a fund.

Here are a few types of funds that can help you achieve these goals!


Example: Sue wants to make sure her church is supported for years to come. As part of her will she sets up a designated fund with WCF so that each year her church receives the interest from her investment.


Example: Bob and his kids were heavily involved in local sports for as long as he can remember, as part of his will he sets up a $15,000 Field of Interest Fund with the WCF. Every year the interest off Bob’s initial gift is granted to local sports programs.


Example: Mary has worked as a Nurse in the community for many years and is passionate about young people going into the field of Nursing. Mary and her family decide to set up a Family Fund in their name where each year a scholarship is given to a promising student moving into the Nursing profession. Mary has $10,000 set aside to set up this fund now, but plans to add to it over the next few years as she is able.

Example: John and his family would like to start a family fund but they don’t have $10,000 to give today. They set-up automatic withdrawal from their bank account and $50 per pay cheque goes to the Winkler Community Foundation. Once their donations reach $10,000 they will form a Family fund and choose where they would like their grant interest will go. Until then, the interest is used for community fund grants.