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For Professional Advisors


Professional advisors such as lawyers, accountants and financial advisors play a singularly important role in helping the client create and realize a personal philanthropic vision. To access a range of information and tools to help you in your work with clients, and to learn more about community foundations, click on the link below:

Making Giving Solutions Easy (The Winnipeg Foundation)

Professional Advisors e-Resource: A toolkit for helping clients achieve their philanthropic goals
Your clients may have several reasons to explore the idea of philanthropy. Whether a donor wants to give during or after their lifetime, The Winkler Community Foundation will work, in partnership with you, to provide services and options for your clients to help them fulfil their financial and charitable goals.

Here’s how we can help:

Your clients have a variety of options available to them – both in the ways to give and in the type of endowment funds that can be established. No matter which method your clients choose, they can be confident that their gifts will help ensure a secure future for charitable causes that they care about while providing financial benefits.