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We make it our business to learn about our community’s needs.  Growing the Winkler Community Foundation (WCF) COMMUNITY ENDOWMENT FUND allows WCF to support charities that address these areas of need.

The Community fund provides support to local charitable and non-profit organization so they have a greater impact on our community. YEAR AFTER YEAR. FOREVER.

During the GIVING CHALLENGE all donations will be stretched thanks to the generous support of Endow Manitoba, the Province of Manitoba, and local sponsors (To a max. of $2000 per sponsor).


DONATIONS made online MUST be submitted between November 13 – 19th to be included in the GIVING CHALLENGE. 



Donations can be made by clicking on the RED button. This will bring you to the Winkler Community Foundation page at Endow Manitoba. A donation receipt will be emailed to you from the Winnipeg Foundation. Please keep this for income tax purposes. Online donations are processed through the Endow Manitoba website without charge by:twf



Donations can be mailed or dropped off at the Foundation’s NEW office located at 2-880L 15th Street Winkler MB R6W 0H5.  Please issue cheques to: WINKLER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION.

Drop off can be left in the city drop-off box located at the south entrance of City Hall. Please address the envelope to WINKLER COMMUNITY FOUNDATION.

All donations need to be received by November 19, 2023 to qualify for the stretching dollars.