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Cheerboard Fund

May 3, 2021

The Winkler Community Foundation is excited to announce one of their newest funds. The Wiebe family chose to Pay it Forward in memory of their parents with the creation of the Winkler Cheerboard Fund held at the Winkler Community Foundation.

Frank Wiebe had a long history of building and supporting foundation work which is why the family chose the Winkler Community Foundation (WCF) as an option for in-memory donations. The family discussed options of how to best direct this gift so it would be a continued inspiration for them as a family and possibly others moving forward.

“Dad & Mom always enjoyed the Christmas season and all it offered in connecting with friends and family.  They also believed that those in more challenging times of life should also have the opportunity to enjoy what the Christmas season offered, so they would find ways to support them in various ways.” –children of Frank & Vi Wiebe.

In honour of their parents and respecting how they would quietly make a difference for others, the Wiebe family decided to create a designated fund, the Winkler Cheerboard Fund, with WCF.  They believe naming the fund in this way will create a larger invitation to others who may also have a heart to support the Cheerboard’s mission “to aid and assist families in need with a food hamper in the spirit of Christmas, and to involve the community in meeting this need.”

The Winkler Cheerboard Board was thrilled to hear about the fund. The fund creates ongoing support for the Winkler Cheerboard. The fund is set up to be an attractive donation option for Winkler Cheerboard supporters.

“We are very grateful to the family of Frank and Vi Wiebe that they invested in the Cheerboard and they will forever be a part of the Cheerboard with the ongoing donation we will be receiving from the Winkler community foundation.  Thank You” Kris Derksen, president on behalf of the Winkler Cheerboard.

Initial donations came to a total of $9,300. Together with the family donations, the first grant to be made to the Winkler Cheerboard in 2022 was anticipated to be a minimum of $1,000 with dreams of it increasing every year. The fund has already doubled in size thanks to the generous support of our community. Grants made to the Winkler & District Cheerboard are created from a portion of the interest earned from the fund and are disbursed annually to support the Winkler Cheerboard’s annual Christmas drive. Each year the Winkler Cheerboard fund will continue to grow thanks to the investments of the Winkler Community Foundation and donations made to this fund.

Truly a beautiful gift that will keep on giving back to our community forever!” – Wiebe Family.


Scholarship Renewals

If you are a current Make It A Reality scholarship recipient or a Ongoing Education Support scholarship recipient, please complete the renewal form that was sent out to your email. In order for our scholarship recipients to receive their renewable scholarships for the upcoming Fall 2021 school year, we need the completed renewal forms to be submitted by January 31, 2021. If you have any questions or did not receive the renewal form, please emails us at

Pay It Forward May

  Pay it Forward is something we can and should be doing all year round. The Winkler Community Foundation and Morden Area Foundation has chosen one month to be more active in our efforts – not because we have to, but because we want to. Not because we’ve experienced kindness from others, but because we want to work together to make our community strong and vibrant. Pay it Forward. Inspire others. Impact our Community.