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December 15, 2015

Drive for $50,000.

The Winkler Community Foundation would like to say Thank you to the community for its ongoing support. “The 24 hour Challenge on November 14 was a great opportunity for the Winkler Community Foundation to raise funds and build awareness in the community,” says Myra Peters, Executive Director of the Winkler Community Foundation. “We were able to talk to many people about the Foundation and how it gives back to the community.”

The Winkler Community Foundation collected $18,346.50 during 24 hour Giving Challenge. They were able to capitalize on the Winnipeg Foundation 24 Hour matching challenge thanks to the generous donations from community members and businesses. With the Winnipeg Foundation’s matching contribution they reached $20,346.50. This money will help grow the Winkler Community Foundation’s capacity to support a wide range of charitable projects in Winkler for generations to come. The funds will also be matched by the Thomas Sill Foundation’s challenge in its goal to raise $50,000 general community endowment for our community foundation. With Thomas Sill’s match, the $20,346.50 turns to $40,693 for the community fund.

Donations to a community foundation are pooled and permanently invested. Gifts are never spent and the money will always stay in the community. Every year, these investments generate money that is distributed to support local charitable needs. Community foundations provide support that lasts forever.

To date, the Winkler Community Foundation has collected $38,346.50 towards the drive for $50,000 (prior to calculating the Thomas Sill’s matching contribution). We invite you to give a donation to the Winkler Community Foundation’s community fund to help reach the goal of $50,000 enabling us to capitalize on the full matching amount offered by the Thomas Sill Foundation’s challenge.  Donations to the Community Fund continue to be matched from now until September 2016. All donations large and small, help The Winkler Community Foundation and means extra support for the community. “As a foundation we invest thousands of dollars into a wide range of local charitable projects to help ensure our hometown is vibrant and thriving. We’re so excited to see what our community can accomplish!” – Myra

For more information, contact Myra Peters at the Winkler Community Foundation, 204-362-9292 or visit


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