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Make it a Reality

May 17, 2018

WINKLER, MB (May 17, 2018) – Announcing this year’s recipient of the $20,000 Gordon Wiebe Make It A Reality Scholarship: Tyler Froese. Our Scholarships Committee is impressed with his commitment to serving community, his resilience in navigating barriers and the leadership that he has shown in his drive to realize his life goals. He has worked through a speech impediment, overcome bullying, and persisted in his vision to become his best self. He describes that for him, doing his best means being there to support those most in need in his community. He has volunteered for Lighthouse Youth Group, Winkler Minor Basketball, Winkler Bible Camp, Winkler Evangelical Mennonite Mission Church mission trips and more. Having experienced first-hand the importance of care workers in contributing to his family’s health and well-being, he has been inspired to pursue a career in health care. As a volunteer at Boundary Trails Health Centre, he developed an understanding of the value of small gestures (such as feeding someone their supper or holding a friendly conversation) in improving quality of life for patients. Through his school, Northlands Parkway Collegiate, he completed five courses in health care and this foundation of learning has equipped him to work part-time as a health care aide at Salem Home. He plans to attend the University of Winnipeg to obtain his prerequisites to study nursing.

This unique award opportunity is made possible by the generous bequest received from former pharmacist, Gordon Wiebe. In 2015, his gift of $2.2 million established the Gordon Wiebe Education Fund. It was his wish that these awards make life dreams possible for young people who demonstrate commitment to community service. In 2017, the Winkler Community Foundation distributed $61,000 in scholarships to 28 local students pursuing post-secondary education. In 2018, the Foundation will award $75,000 to 29 students (nearly 20 new recipients). These young students embody the spirit of the foundation – building community, and they show us what it takes to make life dreams come true.


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