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WCF’s Newest Fund

December 16, 2013

The Winkler Community Foundation assets increased dramatically when Valley Rehab Foundation made the decision to create a dedicated Gateway Resources Fund within the Winkler Community Foundation this year. The Valley Rehab Foundation has already completed a transfer of $680,000, with the remaining funds to be transferred at their yearend.

The Valley Rehab Foundation was set up in 2005 to give ongoing financial support for the many capital projects of Gateway Resources. Since then there have been numerous meetings and conversations between the Valley Rehab Foundation and The Winkler Community Foundation collaborating about what would be the best long term solution for the continued work of the funds held by the Valley Rehab Foundation.

In the spring of 2013 the Valley Rehab Board made a decision to move the endowment of funds over to the Winkler Community Foundation. The net assets were transferred over in November 2013, creating a Gateway Resources Fund allowing the Valley Rehab Foundation to dissolve.

The mission of the Gateway Resources Fund continues to provide capital funds for projects to Gateway Resources providing enhanced services to people with intellectual disabilities. Transferring this fund to the Winkler Community Foundation will ensure that there will always be funds available to Gateway for future projects. Donations can be written to the Winkler Community Foundation with a note requesting funds to be designated to the Gateway Resources Fund.

The Winkler Community Foundation works as a partner holding designated funds for organizations for various purposes. The Fire Rescue Fund and the Katie Cares Fund are two examples of these partnerships. Each fund is created individually to meet the organizations philanthropic goals. For more information please contact Myra Peters, Executive Director at the Winkler Community at 204-362-9292 or contact us here.


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