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High Schools

YiP school grant presentation

The Winkler Community Foundation’s Youth in Philanthropy program is designed to introduce motivated youth to philanthropy and local community development. The program gives students a hands-on experience working as a team and with local charitable organizations to help Winkler flourish. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

The program begins in September each year, when each school gets together a crew of students to form a YiP committee. Each YiP committee is offered a matching grant of up to $1,000 to distribute to local charities of their choice the following spring. We encourage each school to look at ways to fundraise to maximize their grant money and to volunteer in their community.

The high school has a grant application which are distributed to local charities in February/March. Charities can also contact YiP groups and request a grant application.
With input from each committee member, the YiP group decides which charities will receive grants, how much money each will receive, and how that money will be spent. In May, the YiP committee presents written recommendations to the Board of The Winkler Community Foundation for final approval and grants are presented shortly after.

Up to $250 for Administration is available to each committee to cover the costs of the program.

Each High School Youth in Philanthropy Committee contributes to the Youth in Philanthropy Fund. The annual income earned from this endowment is added to the matching $1000 provided by the Foundation, increasing the amount granted annually. The impact of each student who participates in the program is felt in the community for years to come.

In spring, any funds raised are sent to the Winkler Community Foundation. This goes directly into the school’s endowment fund to help grow their fund and increase the grant money for the future of the school’s YiP committee.