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Getting Involved in Pay it Forward May

What is it: A month long campaign initiated by the Winkler Community Foundation and the Morden Area Foundation to encourage good deeds in our communities.

Why: Paying it forward is at the core of what we do as a Community Foundation so we thought it would be great to get the entire city involved!

What is WCF hoping to achieve: Since paying-it-forward is such a positive idea, we are trying to get as many community members, organizations, and businesses involved as possible. The more momentum we can build, the better off our community will be.

How can people “pay-it-forward”: There are 2 ways. The first is by doing a good deed such as buying a coffee for the person behind you in line or helping someone with their groceries (of course this list could go on and on). The second is by making a donation to the Winkler Community Foundation so we can invest it into our Community Fund and pay-it-forward to the community year after year.

How will people know what is going on: We will be implementing a social media campaign to announce this initiative. Posters will be posted throughout the community.

How can you get involved: There are many ways your organization can get involved such a throwing a special event during the month, offering a free or volunteer service (ex. free car wash) or giving away a special product for a one day promotion. We encourage you to use the term “Pay-it-Forward May” in your promotions. Pay it Forward May promotional material is available upon request.

How will we know what is going on throughout the community: Winkler Community Foundation will be posting news and events on our Facebook page as well as Pay it Forward May Instagram and Twitter accounts. We encourage you to post about what you’re doing online #PIFMAY and we will share and cross promote. In effort to encourage and inspire others to pay it forward, we invite the community to share events and stories about the good things people are doing or how a good deed has made an impact. Email your stories to us or post them on Instagram and Facebook page – tag the Winkler Community Foundation.


Who can you contact for more information:Logo-horizontal (3)

Myra Peters – WCF Executive Director

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