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Gordon Wiebe Award Recipients

Tina Reimer – Recipient of the 2022 Make It a Reality Award

Make It A Reality Award – $20,000

2022 Recipient: Tina Reimer

Tina has a get-it-done energy that will suit her well in her future endeavors. Leadership and volunteering have given Tina confidence in who she is and the skills she has to give back to our community. Her tenacity and grit, drive and passion, are qualities that will support her well in her studies.

Tina is passionate about her work as an educational assistant. She discovered this passion when she began volunteering in high school during her lunch breaks in the Life Skills class. It was during these lunch breaks, while playing games and building relationships with the students that she discovered the beauty of connections with students with disabilities, and the joy in helping them achieve their goals. Tina has a deep love for her students and her work environment as an EA. She desires to meet the many and varied needs of her students.

Our committee carefully considered each applicant’s essay and volunteer history in making our decision. We devoted many hours, efforts, and expertise to carefully consider each applicants contribution. The Scholarship Committee thanks each Make It A Reality applicant for being open about their life experiences.

Returning Make It a Reality students: Viktoria Maschkin (Social Work), Mikaela Warkentin (Environmental Design), and Bailey Neufeld (Nursing).


Ongoing Education Support Award – $2,000

2022 (New): Cerulean Wolfe (Education), Matthew Fehr (Applied Leadership), Emily Penner (Arts), Ethan Vallelly (Biological Sciences), Caleb Vallelly (Music), Michael Neufeld (Biblical Studies), Divine Beghela (Accounting), Jakiya Friesen (Education), and Erica Lepp (Business Administration).

Returning Students: Patricia Derksen (Biosystem Engineer), Peter Enns (Veterinary Medicine), Madison Fehr (Music), Jessica Giesbrecht (Political Science), Amy Lloyd (Science), Yeketrina Kuryata (Sociology), Saad Nizamani (Physiology), Indigo Wiebe (Kinesiology), Katelyn Ens (Agriculture), Aaron Doerksen (Biology), Lani Ens (Arts), Quinn Hamilton (Education), Allyson Klassen (Psychology), Kayla Penner (Nursing), Mark Giesbrecht (Political Science), Kali Falk (Nursing), and Jennifer Halloran (Human Nutritional Sciences).



2019 Ongoing Education Support Scholarship Recipients

2019 new and returning Gordon Wiebe Scholarship Recipients




Garden Valley Collegiate 

2022: Jaelynn Courchene, Alia Elias, Tyron Kornelson, Holly Martin, Dmitrij Polishuk, Liam Unrau

Northlands Parkway Collegiate

2022: Anna Dyck, Tegan Peters, Angelica Baier, Chloe Dyck, Liam Neufeld, Janae Zacharias



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